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With joining the DOA, you get full access to all of the coaching content from every coach in the DOA, as well you get a personalised training plan for you. Every month a new coach joins the DOA. See all courses we have in the academy at the moment. Click each course to see more details about how they are set up.  

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DOA is the first online dirt bike course that gives you the opportunity to consult consistently with new Dirtbike coaches, nutritionists, physical trainers, sports psychologists, and other specialists in the future.

DOA is created to help the sport grow and give everyone in the sport a chance to get to the next level with faster lap-times and more control.

In a few months, we will have coaches in the DOA that will cover all the dirt bike industries; Motocross, Supercross, Enduro, Trial, Dakar and the mechanical touch of each sport and more.

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You choose between getting billed yearly, or monthly for 1 year, or a no-commitment contract billed monthly. Those prices are with the 20% discount code, TS100 or SS20.


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Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any questions please send an email to doa@dirtbikeoa.com

DOA stands for Dirtbike Online Academy.

D for Dirtbike

O for Online

A for Academy

Every 1-2 months, a new coach joins the Dirtbike Online Academy platform

The DOA will keep that as a secret until 2 days before the new coach joins the DOA with his coaching content.

No, not yet, but we have a pretty good set up in mobile.

You will only pay one fee monthly or yearly and you get full access to all of the content in the DOA platform, now and in the future, from every coach that joins the academy. No content will be deleted from the website, the content will all stay there permenatly.

No, the DOA school only offers monthly or yearly subscription based plans with all courses and features included.